When celebrities write crosswords

OswaltThe American Values Club Crossword (AVCX) is running a series of puzzles co-authored by celebrities. How cool is that?

Last week AVCX editor Ben Tausig teamed up with Yo La Tengo singer Ira Kaplan; this week it’s crossword wunderkind Caleb Madison co-authoring a puzzle with “King of Queens” actor Patton Oswalt.

The celeb-written puzzles cost a dollar apiece and you can get them here. The Oswalt-Madison puzzle might be food-related, judging by its title: “Hello Donut My Old Friend.”

Crossword of the Month Award, September 2013

New crossword blog! Check in daily. I’ll start by handing out an award.

The CMA (Crossword of the Month Award) is just that: what I think is the best crossword¬† published in the United States during that month. We’ll start with September.

Tough decision — they’ll all be tough decisions — but the inaugural CMA goes to Anna Shechtman for “Flipping the Script” (published Sept. 11, 2013, in the American Values Club Crossword).

American Values is a subscription-only puzzle service, so you can buy Anna’s puzzle¬† here for $1 (click on “$1 Weekly Puzzles” and scroll to it).

You can also read a review explaining what makes this crossword so good here (spoilers at the link, of course).

Congratulations, Anna!